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Trip Models and Positions

Trip Models

Trip models are consistently under review, and our 2019 trips may be changed/altered during the planning process throughout the year. Here are the types of First-Year Trips we generally run during a Summer Season:

  • Quest: A 5-day trip camp-based trip that participates in a variety of adventure activities each day, including our high and low Challenge Course, rock climbing, service work with a local organization, and rafting on the Youghiogheny River. This trip lodges (and eats!) at Camp Muffly.
  • Odyssey:  A 6-day team-building and group development trip using the WVU challenge course, along with rock climbing, hiking, whitewater rafting, and travel. This trip has a combination of lodging in yurts (rustic cabins) and tent camping.
  • Explore:  A 6-day expedition around the state of WV, including backpacking and whitewater rafting. This trip camps in tents and tarps.
  • Wilderness:  A 6-day backpacking expedition in the breathtaking Dolly Sods Wilderness Area. This trip camps in rustic cabins and tarps.
  • Service: A 6-day trip involving a variety of service work with local and state-wide organizations, as well as travel, rock climbing, and whitewater rafting. This trips camps in tents.
  • Scenic/Other: We often have the opportunity to try out new and exciting ideas for trip models! In 2018 we ran one Scenic Trip, involving travel and camping along the Cass Scenic Railroad and a variety of other activities. We will potentially run more of these trips in 2019, along with trying out other new ideas!  


Program Support Staff (PSS): Program Support Staff are crucial! These individuals work closely with the Adventure WV full-time staff and are responsible for organizing equipment, inventorying and packing food, managing equipment check-in and de-issue (clean-up) after trips, repairing gear, and other miscellaneous duties. These individuals primarily work behind the scenes to help with program logistics and may be asked to fill in as a Trip Leader if needed. Individuals who want to gain experience with the organizational side of programs and who are interested in implementing streamlined approaches to logistical work are sought for these roles.

Trip Leaders: AWVFYT trip leaders work with groups of first-year WVU students in novel and challenging environments. AWVFYT Staff are ultimately responsible for the safety and overall experience of their trips. These individuals need to be well-organized, compassionate, skilled in communication, and capable of teaching and mentoring other students.  We seek leaders with strong communication and teaching skills. Regardless of your prior experience, we will train you in the technical skills required to lead programs. Please do not hesitate to apply even if you do not have extensive outdoor experience. Trip leaders generally work 4-6 trips each summer.


Are staff paid?  Yes. Logistics Specialists start at $9 per hour and work 20-37.5 hours/week on a varying schedule. Trip Leaders start with a daily stipend of $75 and are additionally paid for one Packout Day prior to the start of each trip. Wages increased with years of service at Adventure WV and with certain certifications and trainings.

What is the schedule?  Can I request time off?  Program Support Staff have a weekly work schedule, which varies between 20-37.5 hours per week.  Working mornings, evenings, and weekends is required. Trip leaders have a more irregular schedule, often working week-on/week-off, but also often having back-to-back work weeks or off weeks.  Both positions may submit vacations requests, although requests are not guaranteed and schedules are not finalized until April of 2019.

Can I take summer classes? Online classes?  Generally, no. Trip leaders find it impossible to take most summer classes, given their complete disconnect from technology for many weeks during the summer. Program Support Specialists occasionally have been able to take a class, but such requests must be cleared with professional staff prior to acceptance and enrollment as an AWVFYT Staff member. 

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