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2020 Required Commitments

Spring Semester Requirements

  • Thursdays from 2 - 5pm: RPTR 251 Leadership in Experiential Education (LEEd) (3 credits)
  • January 25 - 26: Leadership Retreat Weekend (Saturday - Sunday)
  • April 4-5: Field Weekend (Friday - Sunday) (LEEd Students Only)

Summer Training and Employment Requirements

  • SUMMER COMMITMENT | May 26 - August 18
    • Staff are required to be available for training/work
    • Specific assignments and exact work dates are not made until April 2020.

  • MAY TRAININGS | Starting May 26 | 
  • May trainings are paid with the exception of Wilderness First Aid 
    • Wilderness First Aid course
    • Site-specific Scouting Days
    • All Staff Day
    • Training Trip or Program Support Staff Training Week
    • Students who also participate on AWV's SOAR or NZ trips can also work for FYTs

    • Trips run every week of the summer until First-Year Move-In Day Aug 15
    • Trips run either Saturday - Thursday (6 days) or Monday - Friday (5 days).

    • Work 4-6 trips total, with the potential for back-to-back trips.
    • Payment is a base daily stipend of $75
    • Trip Leaders are paid for 1 Pack-out Day that takes place before the trip starts, plus a daily rate for each day of the trip

    • Work 20 - 37.5 hours per week with non-traditional hours.
    • Payment is hourly with a base rate of $9/hr

  • EARLY MOVE-IN TRIPS | Aug 10-15 
    • Most staff will be assigned to work Early Move-in (EMI) trips, August 10 - 15. Some accommodations may be made for certain exceptions like Band, RA, etc.

  • WELCOME WEEK | Aug 16-18 
    • Staff will be assigned to work day programs for WVU’s Welcome Week, between First-Year Move-in day and the first day of classes. Dates will be given along with trip assignments.

  • END OF SUMMER WRAP UP POTLUCK | Monday, August 24, 5 - 7pm
    • This potluck is a time for all staff to come together and close out the summer, including a space to provide feedback about their summer experience and suggestions for program improvement.

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