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Dates and Commitments

The following outlines the basic requirements and schedule for anyone accepted to train and work with Adventure WV First-Year Trips for the 2021 season. The training begins with a 3-credit course in the Spring Semester (including two weekend experiences), then continues with additional training in the early part of the summer which leads into the scheduled work throughout June-August of the summer months. While all of the listed dates/trainings below are fully required for training and working with FYTs, some exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances. You will have the opportunity to list and talk about any conflicts you may have during the application process.

Spring Semester Requirements

  • Thursdays from 2-5pm: RPTR 251 Leadership in Experiential Education (3 credits)
  • February 7: Virtual Leadership Retreat (9am - 5pm)
  • April 9-11: Field Weekend (Fri evening - Sun evening)

Summer Training and Employment Requirements

  • SUMMER COMMITMENT: May 24 - August 18: Staff are required to be available for training/work May 24 - August 18. Specific assignments and exact work dates are not made until April 2021.
  • MAY/JUNE TRAININGS: Starting May 24 (some staff will begin training on May 10) 
    *May/June trainings are paid a training stipend, with the exception of Wilderness First Aid
    *Students who also participate on AWV’s SOAR or NZ trips can also work for FYTs
    • Wilderness First Aid course
    • Training Trip or Program Support Staff Training Week
    • All Staff Day
    • Additional training days as needed
    • Trips run every week of the summer until First-Year Move-In Day Aug 14
    • Trips run either Saturday-Thursday (6 days) or Monday-Friday (5 days). PSS work more regular, hourly work each week. Other programs have varied work.
    • Schedule will vary based on programs and positions assigned
    • Most staff will be assigned to work Early Move-in (EMI) trips. Some accommodations may be made for certain exceptions like Band, RA, etc.
  • WELCOME WEEK: Aug 15-17
    • Most Staff will be assigned to work single-day programs for WVU’s Welcome Week.

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