What are First-Year Trips?

The Adventure WV First-Year Trips (FYTs) program provides a variety of trips and programs for incoming first-year students in the summer before their first fall semester. These offerings vary from single-day programming to 5-6 day trips that travel and adventure all over the state and surrounding area. Student Staff are the core of our FYT programs; all trips and programs are lead from start to finish by student staff with the support of the AWV professional staff behind the scenes. FYT Student Staff are trained to provide meaningful and fun experiences to incoming students; allowing their groups to develop strong friendships, adventure around the state, learn about WVU, and engage in relevant discussions about their transition to college. Read more about our trips at our FYT website!

Working with FYTs is a way to have a fun, high excitement, meaningful, and growth-inducing summer job. All of our past and current student staff members will tell you that working with FYTs allowed them to find a great community on campus and develop skills that directly transfer to future work and career opportunities! Being a FYT student staff member is one of the most valuable things you can do to help next year's first-year class have a successful transition into WVU. FYT staff are role models and mentors for a large portion of the incoming class, and incoming students who participate in our FYT program enter college with positive friendships and better set up to succeed. Ask anyone you know who is a FYT staff member (and there several hundred of them on campus) and they'll tell you it's an absolutely incredible experience. 
Hear from the FYT Student Staff Members directly!
  • Applications open in August and close in October each fall semester. Based on the quality of one's application submission, interview invitations are extended. The interview process consists of a group interview following by an individual interview. Each year we invite 30-40 new staff to join our Leadership Training Program and Summer Staff Team - we are proud of our small, dedicated, and outstanding community of student staff members.
  • Accepted student staff begin their training with a 3-credit course in the Spring Semester, RPTR 251: Leadership in Experiential Education. This course covers foundational leadership, group management, and facilitation concepts, as well as the technical skills needed to lead groups in adventurous and overnight experiences.
  • After the academic year concludes in May, the FYT summer season kicks into high gear, first with additional trainings and then with the programming and trips all throughout the summer months and through Welcome Week in August.
  • You can see more specifics about dates and required commitments for the training and work positions by clicking the buttons below.
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  • Any current undergraduate or graduate student at WVU is eligible to work with First-Year Trips!
  • Our staff work with incoming first-year WVU students in exciting, new, fun, and challenging environments. FYT staff are ultimately responsible for the safety and overall experience of their programs when working with students. These individuals need to be well-organized, compassionate, skilled in communication, and capable of teaching and mentoring other students. We seek leaders with strong communication and teaching skills. Regardless of your prior experience, we will train you in the technical skills required to lead programs. Please do not hesitate to apply even if you do not have extensive outdoor experience.
  • Adventure WV First-Year Trips works with over 2,000 incoming first-year students in a typical summer- that’s a lot! Aside from the well-known 5-6 day adventure-based trips that run all throughout the summer, there are several other ways student staff can train and work to support the FYT programs and mission. We are constantly growing and expanding to work with more students every year!
  • Click on the buttons below to see the opportunities available for training and working with FYTs for the 2021 season.
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First-Year Trip Staff Applications

First-Year Trip Staff applications are currently closed. If you are still interested in being involved with Adventure WV, there are three open enrollment courses where you could possibly work with us next summer (RPTR 325, 326 and 251). If you are interested in enrolling in any of the spring courses you should email the listed course instructor/contact. Click on the buttons below to see the opportunities available for training and working with FYTs for the 2021 season.

RPTR 325 RPTR 326 RPTR 251 

Connect with us directly!

  • If you have questions about working for the First-Year Trips program, send an email to marcedes.minana@mail.wvu.edu and we can set up a time to Zoom with you!