All Quest participants will engage in rock climbing, challenge course elements, whitewater rafting, and will give back to the local community. Other activities will vary.

Please note that the majority of Quest trips are Partnership Trips, which are typically limited to students directly admitted to the listed College/Program. Trips that are not designated as Partnership Trip are classified as Open Enrollment, which all first year students, regardless of college or program, are eligible for.

All First-Year Trips are similar at their core.

  • No experience required or expected
  • All technical and camping equipment is provided
  • Trips are $95 or less
  • Earn 1 Fall College Credit
  • Focus on building lasting friendships and community
  • Engage with our impactful curriculum
  • Mentoring from upperclassmen peer leaders


Basecamp with Rustic Cabins


5 days

Quests Dates

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