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Marcedes Minana

Adventure Orientation - Program Coordinator

Marcedes was born and raised in southwestern Pennsylvania where the majority of her family still resides. She often considers herself a "jill of all trades, master of none" because she enjoys many things in this world and often finds herself dabbling in lots of different things.

Marcedes enjoys art; whether in the form of music, dance, or in the delicate and unique pattern that composes a single leaf or a vast landscape, she finds art beautiful and inspiring. She appreciates quality food and a nice cup of tea, especially when she is able to share it with family and friends. Marcedes likes traveling and meeting people who are different than herself, treasure hunting by way of thrift stores, a good hike, campfires, and sleeping under the stars. Marcedes earned her undergraduate degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Environmental Geography and completed her Masters of Social Work degree from WVU. She is very grateful to work for Adventure WV - a program she truly believes in.

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